There are so many things I could worry about
But I’m not gonna
It will work out as it should
It will pay off

"Wait for someone who keeps you sane, but also drives you crazy in all the right ways."

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“If you obsess over whether you are making the right decision, you are basically assuming that the universe will reward you for one thing and punish you for another.

The universe has no fixed agenda. Once you make any decision, it works around that decision. There is no right or wrong, only a…

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The Blue Room - Paul Ranson


The Blue Room - Paul Ranson


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One worded texts

How are you is like such a real question
And barely anyone ever asks it seriously

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bed by alma allen 
King size bastogne walnut carved bed with solid brass floating drawers & desk.   


bed by alma allen

King size bastogne walnut carved bed with solid brass floating drawers & desk.   

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wanna make a secret handshake it involves us touching our mouths together for three hours

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Kyuhyung Cho

ROOM Collection

ROOM Collection in a collaboration with Erik Olovsson, 2014 

When it comes to furniture, people are used to placing a object within a square space. While it is common to use a square form to arrange an object, Erik and Kyuhyung were interested in diversifying the relationship between object and space to create furniture as rooms for objects. The focus was to explore the mix-and-match quality of the ensemble in our spaces from a graphical approach.

ROOM collection is a furniture system with 25 stackable blocks and a low table with various geometric voids inspired by architecture and the objects they can hold. When all the elements of ROOM are combined it forms either a long shelf or a tall cabinet with a variety of different graphical compositions. ROOM allows each user to pick their favorite elements to build up your own composition as a shelf, a table or just as a sculpture.

Each block was inspired by specific objects, creating various shapes and sizes. The round for wine, zigzag for phones, tablets and laptops, or peaked for an open book. Each block can be a room to invite any object, the composition is unlimited.

ROOM enhances the characteristic of the individual objects and emphasizes the interactions between space and object. ROOM is made in plywood and finished with a matt lacquer.

Element: Block × 25 pieces, Table × 1 piece, Stainless mirror × 1 piece
Material : Pine plywood, pine veneer
Dimensions: H 2140, W 1170, L 300 mm

Photography: Gustav Almestål

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Dear Diary, my teen-angst bullshit now has a body count

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